Individual Hypnosis

Individual Hypnosis Session

Kirsty Green of Mind 2 Excel presents an exclusive hypnosis training session for those that wish to experience hypnosis on an individual basis.

Kirsty helps athletes, business owners and busy professionals remove stress from their daily routine by implementing simple and repeatable techniques that you could use in every day situtations.

One to one hypnosis sessions are to take place from Kirsty Greens modern office space in the city of Chelmsford, Essex.

Unlike typical practitioners, Kirsty is very personable,and is aware hypnosis can seem a daunting or simply a new experence to most. Kirsty invites all clients for a pre-conduction consultation. To date this has proven most effective as it enables her clients to ask any questions they might have whilst Kirsty explains the process.

Once ready for conduction, Kirsty will either arrange another meeting with you or work with you to implement  hypnosis following on from consultation.

It is important to note that a problem is not required for hypnosis. Hypnosis will help you become less stressed, enhance your health and help you to become more present and creative. Most people do attend with a reason for hypnosis, although a desire to lose weight, stop smoking or gain greater motivation are not neccessary to benefit.

All hyponosis sessions are bepoke and tailormade to each individual. No one client has the same concerns, challenges, personalities or current lifestyle choices. Therefore it is essential to be honest and upfront with Kirsty so she can help you overcome issues or simply become a better, more fulfilled individual.

Sessions tend to last between 60 and 90 minutes and cost just £95.

Only £95 Per Person
I felt relaxed at a really deep level. It was a very different feeling to what I had expected but has helped me to reduce my heart rate and switch off from my stresses of work.
Kirsty creates a great atmosphere and I feel she really got to know me which made me feel as ease. I was able to relax and reach my goals.
It felt amazing. I could visualise my success which helped me to realise that it was possible.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxation that occurs regularly, when you are daydreaming, when you are falling asleep and even when you are driving are all times during the day where you put yourself into a relaxed state.

Will I be in control when in a state of hypnosis?

Yes you are 100% in control. Throughout the day you put yourself into a sate of hypnosis, daydreaming is one of the most common. If there is something you don’t agree with that is said when you are in a relaxed state you will simply come out of that state.

What are the benefits of learning self-hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful life skill. There is a great deal of stress that has to be handled in your day to day life, self-hypnosis helps you to de-stress by calming the body and allowing you to be more I the present.

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