I enjoyed the practical element, actually trying the techniques as well as explanations on purpose and uses in different situations.

It was good to have a two way workshop, and not death by powerpoint!! I really enjoyed the Neurological level alignment, and visually seeing my goals and how that made me feel.

Great exercises to emphasise the points being made.

I wanted to write and thank you for the great workshop you provided for my team. Not only was it enjoyable, but educational too. With fantastic techniques to take away as well.

I use to struggle with managing my time. I trained a lot as a goalkeeper, in the marine cadets and had my GCSE’s to think about. The stress of all 3 was getting to me and I kept failing my exams. Kirsty taught me how to focus and how to deal with the stresses of my exams. I now feel confident in taking my GCSE’s soon. Thanks Kirsty.

Sam, Chelmsford

I really struggled with the mental side of my game. I knew what I was doing was having a huge effect on my game but I just didn’t know how to stop it. Just a few sessions with Kirsty she taught me how to focus and showed me what I was going wrong. Finally I am in single figures of my handicap; this is all down to the hard work of Kirsty. Thank you.

Kirsty is fantastic at what she does. By creating a relaxed and positiveatmosphere, she helps you to focus on specific goals in a clam and focused manner. She tailors her skills to address your needs in a way that allows you to work on personal challenges at your own pace. Her interest and motivation in NLP in particular inspires an uplifting attitude that anything is achievable, while the techniques she practices with you can often be practiced at home providing a new confidence and optimism about the future. I am very grateful for Kirsty's help and determination at helping me challenge my fears.

Before I went to see Kirsty I really struggled with my fitness test. Just the thought of running round the track 5 times was making me fail. I struggled on the mental part of the test, I knew I could run the distance on a straight road but just couldn’t put it into practice. With the help of Kirsty I passed my fitness test and was very close to the higher level – in fact I did not realize that I was on my last lap. Thank you Kirsty.

I enjoyed learning about the insight into the way our mind works and how it can be changed and/or modified. The goal setting section was very interesting.

Thank you for all your help with my depression, Kirsty taught me to focus on things one step at a time and to keep my head high. I use to over think everything but now I know the answer so I can now trust myself, what depression?

It focused my mindset, showed me how to set goals and made me rethink my reaction to things. It also made me realise positive attributes I already had.