What I Do

Mind 2 Excel believes that each client is individual, so helps to provide a set of tools that are tailored to each client to break down any limiting belief and help you to achieve your goals in a fast and effective way. Kirsty provides one to one personal consultations from her practice in Chelmsford. She also works with groups including sports teams and businessmen and women.

Kirsty provides one to one personal consultations from her practice home and also at Christians gym in Chelmsford.

Mind 2 Excel believes that everyone can achieve their goals and more, because the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless. If you’re hesitating about your next step then ask yourself; how much longer can you carry on as you are?

 The time is always the right time to do what is right.  

– Martin Luther King.

Have you ever wondered what makes the real difference in sports? Have you ever noticed how some have the ability to come from behind and win against all odds?

With the help of Mind 2 Excel you can reach that winning mind set. If you move out of your comfort zone you can only grow.

My work in school.

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Mind 2 Excel also offer workshops and one to one sessions within schools. Kirsty works within the education setting for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest attributes to a student failing their exams is because they simply can’t deal with the pressure.

Kirsty will give them the tools in order to deal with the stresses and pressure of exams which can then be transferred later in life when they experience stresses and pressures. The transition between primary and secondary school is a huge jump for many students.

Kirsty delivers workshops and one to one sessions to help students cope with this transition along with many other educational barriers.